MycoMaxx Garden

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Mycorrhizal fungi for organic gardeners

Use on vegetables, flowers, and indoor plants.

Specially formulated mycorrhizal fungi for all gardeners. MycoMaxx Garden is sold in 2 ounce packages and covers approximately 100 sq ft of garden plants.

To use, mix one packet with 1 quart of water in a spray bottle or squeeze bottle and apply to plant roots.

The microbes contained in this package will effectively increase the plant’s root system surface area by as much as 250 times.

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MyxoMaxx Garden is a specially formulated mycorrhizal fungi designed to help enrich your soil, strengthen your plant’s root system, and grow larger, more abundant produce. For use on vegetables gardens, flowers, and indoor plants.

There are 8 species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in MycoMaxx Garden. Developed and formulated for use on plants grown in North America. The spores will colonize inside the root and increase the plant’s root surface area between 50 to 100 times the original size – supplying nutrients and water to the plant. MycoMaxx Garden is a custom formulation from New Age Farming LLC, the nation’s leader in mycorrhizal fungi sales and distribution in the United States.


Grow larger plants

Our fungi formulation guarantees larger plant growth with ZERO harmful fertilizers or chemicals. We’ve seen plants double or triple the harvest output, just by reviving the soil into proper condition.

Formulated in the United States

MycoMaxx Garden is formulated, distributed, and owned in the United States. The fungi are grown in separate greenhouses for each specie to prevent contamination from other fungi or bacteria.

100% Organic

Our product is 100% organic certified. There are no chemicals or fertilizers used in the creation of MycoMaxx Garden. We made this a priority so you can be confident in the health and safety of our product.


  • 8 species of selected arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
  • Works on both indoor and outdoor plants
  • Increase the plant’s root system surface area between 50x and 100x
  • Contains mycelium of AMF and colonized root pieces
  • Application rate: one 2oz package will treat 100 sq. ft.
  • Kit contains: 2-ounce packet and spray bottle* (limited time offer)
  • One packet is to be mixed with 1 quart of water**

*the limited-time spray bottle is 1 liquid cup and should be mixed with 1/4 of the powder packet.

**if you are not planning to use 1 quart worth of liquid, it is best if the powder is mixed in small amounts as needed. The correct ratio of water-to-powder is 1 cup:0.5oz powder. Example: if you are going to use 1 cup of liquid, use 1/4 of a packet of powder. The powder is best stored dry, as the fungi keeps for a maximum of two weeks in water.

Got questions on how to use or apply MycoMaxx? Feel free to contact us.

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One 2oz package of MycoMaxx garden covers a total of 100 square feet of garden. This is a 10' x 10' area. If spraying on seeds or roots at transplant it can cover much more.

MycoMaxx Garden is formulated with 8 different species that all work very well on the vegetables and flowers we grow. Each mycorrhizal plant on earth uses several different species of fungi to achieve optimum growth and vitality.

Yes, any plant in the brassica family is non-mycorrhizal. They cannot benefit from the fungi.

Spray on the seed, spray on the roots upon transplant, or inject in the ground under existing plants.

Once, at the original time of planting!

No, excess fungi will not hurt the plants.

Out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. The spores are good from -50F to 140F.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 9 in

15 reviews for MycoMaxx Garden

  1. Grady

    Good product at a good price. No complaints.

  2. Gregory in MN

    I’ve used several brands of fungi and have been most impressed with Garden Fungi’s product. Glad to support a local business in ND.

  3. Holly Keith

    Used the product with my tomatoes a few weeks ago. They look healthy…so far so good! Shipped quickly to my home and your customer service was helpful when I wanted to ask a a question about my use case.

  4. Henry D

    I have 5 Japanese maples and 2 semi dwarf meyer lemon trees currently. All 7 are in containers and benefit from endo myco fungi. Never heard of endo until this journey and I am grateful for your company because it’s expensive to build a symbiotic relationship. All are outdoor plants.

  5. Derrek T

    Originally I used your MycoMaxx Seed Treatment for my larger operation in South Dakota, but my wife has really enjoyed using your garden product for her flowers. Happy with both your ag products and your garden products!

  6. Sam

    Use the provided tools to get the spores on the roots or seed. Seen a response within three weeks! House plants need less water and are healthier. Garden produces more and larger vegetables. Organic! Highly recommend!!

  7. TomatoMan

    It Makes Roots Explode! It creates a massive root system that shows up in your flowers & vegetables

  8. MNgardner

    My flowers look better than they ever have!

  9. Stephen Pool

    Solid product with good instructions. I was a little worried I wasn’t applying correctly, but I must have because we had great growth on our plants!

  10. Kathy Liu

    Good growing season this year. Am recommending it to my neighbors who were curious.

  11. James Nichols

    This stuff is a game-changer! My plants have never grown so fast and healthy! Will buy again. I used the inoculation method with a large plastic syringe I bought at a Walmart pharmacy.

  12. OrganicGrowersUSA

    As an organic grower, I’m very picky about the products I allow in my garden. I appreciate their effort to certify their product as organic. I’ve used this on my cucumbers, sweet corn, squash, and tomatoes…it has worked great. On my second season with MycoMaxx!

  13. Shawn

    Shipped product early in the season, was impressed. Thanks!

  14. Motocross79

    Great for tomatoes

  15. DALE

    Five stars

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Q & A

I'm getting ready to start seeds for this year's garden and I'm trying Mycomaxx for the first time. I see that I can either spray seeds now or spray roots at transplant. Any opinion on which would be better? I'm assuming that sooner would be better (spray seeds). Thanks!! Kristie Gray asked on February 19, 2024

Either way will work! I would do both if you can. Spraying the seeds gets the spores into the roots upon germination so they will have more time to colonize and increase the root surface area.

Brady Krchnavy answered on March 9, 2024 store manager
(1) (0)
What type of water should we use for mixing it, and would chlorine water affect the fungi? Jen asked on March 13, 2023

Chlorine or other water additives will not affect the fungi. They are in a dormant state and will need to be in water for an extended period(two weeks) before they will start to "wake up". Best to mix and use small amounts at a time and store the product dry.

Brady Krchnavy answered on March 13, 2023 store manager
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How long can the product be stored once mixed with water? Jim asked on March 7, 2023

Once mixed in water, I would get it onto plant roots, on the seed, or in the ground within a couple weeks. It's best of you only mix up what you need because the dry product will last much longer.

Brady Krchnavy answered on March 9, 2023 store manager
(1) (0)
Does this product have an expiration date? Ike asked on February 17, 2023

Our current batch has an expiration of 03/03/2024. When we make a new batch it has a 3 year shelf life.

Brady Krchnavy answered on April 1, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Would this work for cordylines? Deborah asked on February 15, 2023

Yes, Cordylines are in the Asparagaceae family. The MycoMaxx Mycorrhizal fungi will form a beneficial symbiotic association with plants in this family. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks

Brady Krchnavy answered on February 17, 2023 store manager
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