Healthy lettuce garden grown with mycorrhizal fungi

We love healthy gardens, and it starts with your soil!

Our garden soils have been depleted of the natural microbes due to roto tilling, synthetic fertilizers, and being baron.  All of these normal practices kill the beneficial fungi that thrive in healthy soils.  By using MycoMaxx you can produce healthy plants organically without the use of fertilizers. These fungi will become a living extension of your plant's roots.

Gardens bring a wealth of benefits to any home. The ability to produce fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables on your own property is one of life's great joys. These spaces are an aesthetically pleasing environment that creates a natural filter for air pollution. Plus, it's a great activity to bring both families and communities together. We want to help you grow a healthier, stronger garden.

About Garden Fungi

New Age Farming LLC is the industry leader in organic garden mycorrhizal fungi. We’re a team that is passionate about cultivating healthier soils and a healthier planet.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality mycorrhizal fungi product called MycoMaxx Garden to help restore soil health, promote plant growth, and aid environmental sustainability. We believe that mycorrhizal fungi, along with proper soil management, can help us achieve a more sustainable future.

At New Age Farming LLC, we source only the highest quality, lab-tested and verified mycorrhizal fungi species that are proven to work on the vegetables, flowers, and house plants we grow. Our MycoMaxx is made from 8 carefully selected species of mycorrhizal fungi that are tailored to specific plant species we grow.

We’re proud to be able to offer what we believe to be the best mycorrhizal fungi product in the world. MycoMaxx Garden is designed to help you maximize the benefits that mycorrhizal fungi can provide.

We’re committed to providing you with the best products and services available, and to helping you create a healthier, more sustainable future. Thank you for choosing MycoMaxx Garden from New Age Farming LLC.

Why did we get into
Mycorrhizal Fungi?

New Age Farming LLC is the nation's leader in sales and distribution of mycorrhizal fungi for commercial agricultural use. Millions of acres are sold annually to great producers across the globe. MycoMaxx Garden was born out of the large volume of calls we received from home gardeners and flower growers who were looking for a product that would work on vegetables and flowers. We are excited to provide everyday growers with the great product as soil-conscious farmers. MycoMaxx Garden is a must for any organic grower that wants to get the most out of their plants.

Corn plant root side-by-side comparison with and without mycorrhizal fungi

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