Customer Stories

A collection of stories from MycoMaxx Garden customers.

"As for my Monstera, [MycoMaxx Garden] has become the crown jewel of my indoor garden, a testament to the wonders of MycoMaxx and the importance of using natural fertilizers. Your indoor plants, from houseplants to succulents, will thank you for their lush beauty and vitality."


"Incredible!! I treated 1 seed with myco and azo and 2 plants without so there would be no argument or question. All 3 seeds were documented and planted at the same time with the same planting mix. They were transferred 10 days later to larger pots. The treated plant was root dipped into a mycoplasma and azos solution. All 3 plants were planted using the same soil mix again and placed back under the same light. Amazing difference!!!! The treated plant has amazing root growth and the 2 untreated have no visible root growth. I will be making a video on this tomorrow!!"

Laird Dickinson

North Dakota

"Treating my plants with @mycomaxxgarden for better nutrient absorption. Looking forward to the results!"

~ Cordi Lia, Just a Bunch of My Plants on Instagram

Pensacola, Florida

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"Y’all- the results have already been wild. My plants aren’t dying in this ridiculous Florida heat!"

~ Hannah Rinaldi

Naples, Florida

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"I love your product...I can’t wait to use it next year when we replant our garden! It’s already making my potted plants thrive!"

~ Amanda Ray, @thechambraybunny on Instagram

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Don’t you love when a product *actually works* how they say it will 🙌🏼 So impressed with the mycorrhizal fungi by @mycomaxxgarden and the THICC roots, just two weeks after potting up. This might be a game changer in the happy houseplant game!"

~ Kate Reisig, Earth Wind and Plants on Instagram

Omaha, Nebraska

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"I think I'm going to need a bigger canning room!! Have sweet corn over 7 ft tall I can hardly walk through my garden everything is just so big!"

~ Mike W.

Northern Minnesota

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"So, most of you know that our little farm used to be part of a much larger farm. We were able to carve out a little chunk and do our own thing, which is to grow things organically, without all the 'cides that typically get used. Well, after decades of pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilizers being used out there, our soil was "unhealthy"...

~ Turkey Road Farm Products

Casselton, North Dakota

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MycoMaxx makes happy plants and happy people.