Brady Krchnavy

Owner, Garden Fungi


Brady Krchnavy is the owner of Brady grew up farming the fields of southeast North Dakota. He was later a sales manager at an agricultural radio station when he founded his own mycorrhizal fungi company. His company, New Age Farming(Farm Fungi), helps farmers and growers enhance root growth and improve soil health. Brady is a leader in sustainable farming and mycorrhizal fungi production. His work has been featured in the Farm Journal, Point of View with Chris Berg, and the Farm Journal, NDSU crop extension report.

Posts by Brady

graphic of the four soil types sand clay silt and loam

Garden Strategy for the 4 Soil Types [Spring 2023]

April 1, 2023

Learning to garden well is a tall task and often takes years or decades to master. Knowing technique, what plants to grow, when to plant, and how to structure a…

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mycorrhizal fungi under microscope

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?

March 2, 2023

Introduction Mycorrhizal fungi are a living extension of the plant’s root system. These fungi can bring more nutrients and water than the plant could ever do on its own. Mycorrhizal…

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